Decom Services

We provide services that help identify new business opportunities on a global basis for the Decommissioning industry. We raise the profile of supply chain companies with our network. We deliver the business needs of our members, partners and alliances with the following portfolio of services:
– Global network of service providers
– Locations, search around the globe
– Networking & introductions
– Events, meetings, exhibitions
– Marketing & media
– Business support
– Industry intelligence

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Site description

This site is to allow all companies that have a service to offer for decommissioning in any industry.

  • 1. Membership
    Membership of Decom Services is tailored to support companies who are already active or looking to become active in the global decom energy sector. Annual company membership starts from as little as £100.00 and we offer various payment options.If you would like to discuss how DeCom Services can support your business by joining our network of member companies please get in touch with us for further information.
  • 2. Accessability
    You can access the portal on computer, tablets and smart phones, 24/7. If there is a specific service you would like added please contact us, we are already working on many enhancements to make the portal even better!
  • 3. Annual advertising fee
    Your company can advertise all your services, people and equipment as well as office and plant locations. On your services page we can embed photos, images, contact details, videos and more.
  • 4. Site promotion
    This site will be promoted via social networks, e-mail campaign, media, meetings and conferences. This portal is part of the Portal Solutions Group and cross advertising is a major benefit to our clients
  • 5. Events
    Industry, client and our events will be advertised and booked through the portal. Watch out for the regional DeCom Services exhibitions. Benefit from knowing whats on and where so you can optimise your time.
  • 6. News letter
    A quarterly newsletter will be published, full of  industry news, new  members and any new products and services. Send us your news, achievements and industry news to be included.


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Industry Services

We have created over 40 categories to help clients find the correct service company, as well as a full search facility. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will research for you.




Your Awards

Tell us about any industry awards you have won and we will put on the NEWS site