SafeHouse habitats

services engineered to protect people working in hazardous environments including offshore and onshore oil and gas production facilities, chemical processing plants, distilleries and food production and processing factories, utilities, marine and water treatment.

Our engineered protection offering includes a range of ‘habitats’ which control environments to achieve safe working conditions. For example our habitats enable hot work, such as welding or grinding, to be undertaken on an oil or gas facility whilst it is operational and with the associated risk of flammable hydrocarbon gases in circulation – thus maintaining production and minimising the cost implications associated with shutdowns.

We work around the globe through our various partners and have regional hubs located in the UK, UAE, US, Australia and Malaysia. 

Keeping you at the forefront of safety and production.

Innovation is the beating heart of our business. It underpins our vision to be the global market leader in engineered protection for working safely in hazardous environments. Each day, we draw closer to that goal, supporting the world’s most pioneering oil and gas organisations with world-class technology, and by employing ambitious people, with big ideas, that effect change.

Founded in 2001 in Scotland, in the heart of the North Sea energy sector, our business continues to evolve and today we are proud to deliver products and services to 35 countries globally with strong presence from Australia to the Americas.

Our technology-led engineered products and services enhance the capability, comfort and welfare of staff working in hazardous environments to increase the safety and productivity of your operations. We ensure the world’s toughest environments are safer, more productive and more economic

Safehouse Habitats (Scotland) Ltd
Strathmore House
Charles Bowman Avenue
Claverhouse Industrial Park
Dundee DD4 9UB

T: +44 (0) 1382 814 122

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