Visual Asset Management VAM introduces their Visual Asset Management (VAM) solution ‘MAXSON’. Providing a web based asset visualisation tool that can be used for many applications.

Using multiple image formats (2D & 3D) the application can be used for:

  • Asset reviews : eliminates requirement in travelling to the asset, risk exposure and accommodation
  • Assisting in risk assessments : HAZOP/HAZAN and all types of risk assessments
  • Inductions
  • Integrate with Permit to Work (PTW)
  • Engineering reviews ; planning for decommissioning plant & equipment

The application captures the asset with 3D images that can be linked together and provide a desk top walk around. The system allows personnel with an interactive view of remote or offshore facilities.

Far cheaper than laser scanning and other high end visual solutions that are expensive to take and maintain. To further reduce costs we can even train and roll-out the image capturing process to your personnel and we will stitch together the results.

MAXSON can reduce Operational Expenditure (OpEx), improves operational safety throughout the lifespan of an asset through to abandonment and decommissioning.

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